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How to Care for Starter Locs:

1. Wear a Silk or Satin Scarf While Asleep

To prevent breakage and lint buildup, wear a satin or silk scarf while asleep every night. Silk and Satin will help keep your locs soft and moisturized.

2. Use Light Oils on Your Scalp

To reduce product buildup, use light oils instead of thicker oils. We recommend Jrue’s Loc Growth Elixir. It's a blend of nourishing essential and light carrier oils that work together to promote hair growth, alleviate itchy / dry scalp, seal in moisture, and keep your hair smelling fantastic!

3. Use a Net or Mesh Cap While Washing

To prevent locs from unraveling wear a net or mesh cap when washing. These function as a protective measure on your locs and prevents them from ung.

Be careful and gentle while washing starter locs. Use the balls of your fingers to massage shampoo on your scalp only. Rub the shampoo down the shafts of each loc. To prevent buildup, gently run your fingers down each loc. Be sure to repeatedly rinse thoroughly until the water is clear.

4. Separate the “Married Locs”

Starter locs tend to grow in random directions; causing some to combine (marry). Because of this, you will need to occasionally separate your roots. This will help your locs grow more uniformly.

5. Don’t Style Starter Locs Too Often or Retwist Tightly

It is best to limit styling starter locs too often. Just let them “breathe” and form naturally. Only retwist once per month during the starter loc stage. Make sure not to retwist too tightly. Retwisting locs too tightly and too often will cause your locs to become thinner and not thicken as they should. It will also contribute to weakness and loc breakage.

6. Avoid Beeswax and other Heavy Styling Agents

Locs should not look or feel heavy/stiff. They should have a light and fluffy feel that allows them to move and bounce freely. Using Beeswax and other heavy styling products on starter locs can cause buildup and make your locs look and feel heavy. As your locs grow longer, the heaviness from buildup can cause breakage and your roots will weaken and eventually breakoff.

We suggest products that are water or aloe vera juice based such as Jrue’s Locs, Twists, & Conditioning Gel. It is water based and contains pomegranate seed oil (which is great for sealing in moisture).

7. Keep Them Moisturized

For your starter locs to be properly nourished and grow healthy, you will need to moisturize them whenever they become dry. This is usually 1-3 times per week. Your locs will tell you when they need moisture. If they feel dry, moisturize!

Again, we suggest products that are water or aloe vera juice based such as Jrue's Loc Moisture Mists. They're created with organic aloe vera juice, natural herbs, and essential oils to moisturize, promote growth, soothe the scalp, and add a lustrous soft sheen to locs!

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