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Jrue Locs offers premium haircare products specifically designed for locs. Founded in 2021 by Melanie Boggs, Jrue Locs was born from her personal journey with her own thick 4C locs, which she proudly wore while working as an Auditor in Corporate America. With over 10 years on her loc journey, Melanie often found her locs dry and brittle between salon appointments, despite regular visits.


Frustrated with the lack of effective store-bought products, Melanie embarked on a mission to create her own solution. Her goal was to keep her locs moisturized and vibrant between salon visits. Through extensive research, testing, and consultations with locticians and licensed cosmetologists, she discovered the incredible benefits of natural oils and organic aloe vera juice for locs.


Driven by her passion for natural beauty, Melanie is dedicated to creating high-quality loc care products that help others achieve beautiful, vibrant, and healthy locs every day.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

-Melanie Boggs


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